December 22, 2006

Visits to my blog

It's interesting - I'm seeing a continuous increase in hits to my blog. I have Google analytics linked to it, and it's interesting to see the trends. Look at the screenshot below,

You can see that US obviously has the greatest hits, but India follows next when you take a single country concentration (yes, Europe isn't a country, sorry ;) ). This explains the misery of being an Indian ..heheh. Not many from China - which could explain that a lot of Chinese applicants possibly look into their own web sites. Not much from South America either. Nothing from Africa. And it greatly upset me to see no hits from Antarctica - the penguins clearly don't like my blog.

One could argue validity, but this is a growing trend on my analytics chart because I'm seeing more than one place referring to the site. Interestingly, I found a couple of incoming hits from - not sure how - has to be some indirect referral.

Anyway, just thought I'll put this up. I'm hungry. I need to eat. Or I'll die. I saw all these Wharton admits come out today, makes me wonder if I should have applied to Wharton - you know, just for kicks? My personal situation does not permit me to take a 2 year MBA course..but still. Anyway, too late.


Iday said...

Wharton Adcom has set up a feed from Hella's list in their Adcomm blog. Since ur blog is in Hella's list of applicant bloggers, ur posts will be displayed in the adcom feed.

Guess that explains :)

necromonger said...

More than explains! Guess I should now forget about expecting an unsolicited admissions and scholarship grant from Wharton, eh? ;)

Knowledge Source said...

You could still apply to Wharton in the 2nd round...