December 17, 2006

Next interview is a lunch interview

So -- my next interview is a lunch interview. Can't say I'm too happy about that. I'm usually quiet while eating, and I'm not exactly an etiquette expert. So here's a discussion going on at the GMAT club. If you had an experience like this - how did it go?

(if you must ask - yes, I did draw the cartoon myself, and used Adobe photoshop to color it up. Click on image to see a bigger size.)


The Caspian said...

Ha ha pretty funny cartoon! Good work!

I have my 2nd insead interview this week... and it's not a lunch interview like last one. I am not sure how I feel about that... just don't want it to get too formal.

necromonger said...

Thanks Caspian - yeah I'm not too happy about it being a lunch interview but I guess I gotta deal with it.