October 14, 2007

Imperfect combinations

When you combine a regular flu / cold and a late night party with strong long island tea (it's not tea, I assure you!), what you end up with is a miserable next day. As other fellow bloggers have mentioned, it's getting pretty stressful with exam preparation - they loom right ahead, next week.
No matter who says 'grades don't matter' and what not, when you see interim test results where the average score out of 25 was 22 for a batch size of 150 (Singapore) you know that you better hunker down and get to work and avoid being the last dud in the class. The Z-score grading is evil in the sense you could get 80% on your subject and still be a *failure*
That's the thing about INSEAD - things move at warp speed, you're settling down, getting to know others, and you're drowned in events, parties, case studies, company presentations and before you catch your breath to study, the exams are here. P2 promises to be harder -  10 less days. I also put in my preference for bidding - I plan to be in Fonty P4/P5. As expected, there was a huge rush for Fonty people to come to Singapore in P3 to avoid winter...tough luck many got wait listed due to the rush - Singapore is becoming very popular now :) and a large number do the switch of campus.
I'm looking forward to the little break after P1 (4 days) and then we hit P2 - I also plan to travel a  bit in P2 (cambodia, vietnam on list)
(my next post is something I've been asked to address quite a few times by potential indian applicants - i.e. recruitment styles in international schools compared to the Indian biggies like ISB and IIM. It's quite different so I hope to get some facts across without the hype.)

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DTLF said...

How's the exam prep coming along? Is the campus atmosphere in S'pore as dark as it is here?

It's great to finally see people showing their true colors under stress.