April 01, 2007

Admitted to Stanford! Woohooo!

Some surprises are best kept secret. After a long and arduous journey, I finally received my letter from Stanford GSB.

It was not something I wanted to talk about before, simply because a lot of them would consider me "out of place" at GSB - what with me being over the hill (30+), Indian, IT (cursed). But this is an example that if you keep your eye on the ball, and focus on what you want (assuming a realistic chance of course), you might get what you seek. Don't get me wrong, INSEAD is amazing, but Stanford...well, it's in the heart of Tech industry, has an amazing world wide reputation, and is an exclusive program.

After 2 interviews, hours on essays, a unique presentation I made to adcom, I finally received a call (which I could not take as I was in a meeting) and a mail. Here is the text, It is an incredible feeling.

"Dear [xxxx],

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2009. You are among the few who make it every year. The competition is intense and we pride in getting the best of the best.

You may be an old coot, a relic of the distant past. Never mind you are one more of the gazillion Indians running amok with a 700+ GMAT and asking everyone if '740 will get you into Harvard'. Never mind all the other traits we really need. Even your essays made no sense with all that technical mumbo-jumbo (take it to Sergey Brin). But we figured, "hey, if we let one of this type into GSB, we will have 100,000 new applications next year. We can build a new campus with the money" and therefore, we took this intelligent decision of letting you in. You, Crackhead Bob and Negative Nancy are three entrants to enhance our diversity this year.

Welcome to Stanford GSB.
Sincerely Yours,


gadd0019 said...

hey congrats!!!!

I am surprised they started callin people one week before the actual D day...

Anyways congrats buddy.....have a drink...

Anonymous said...


I hate to break the news to you..but you ought to read the post once again and check today's date buddy ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy April Fool to you too

Anonymous said...

Big big news!! when did Stanford come into picture?? If i am not wrong you were talking bout INSEAD all the time.... Anyways... Big Congrats dude!

Anonymous said...

And yes!! Happy FOOLS Day!!

Sudha said...


the admit letter is laugh out loud funny :)

I think you are so far the only one from the blogger fraternity to have gotten into Stanford.

Anonymous said...

sudha - *cough* you actually dint think I made it..did you?!