January 28, 2007

And why would I want to do this?

Sometimes, it is easy to look at the "present" and be content with it, and therefore ignore what the future might be. My own situation can be summed in a few sentences.

  1. I am a couple of years over 30, and therefore not young when it comes to the average MBA crowd.
  2. I've done well in my current organization and just recently got promoted to a good position within my company. My pay may not be gazillions but it isn't bad, and I work with great people. I do have a track record of being pretty good at what I do, both on the managerial and technical fronts.
  3. The fees + living expenses (I have a family) + opportunity costs are substantial for me.

With these in mind, one would wonder "is it worth it?" And my own answer - yes, and for a reason that might not even be directly attributed to what direct material gains I might have by doing an MBA.

To me, it is a matter of mental peace. I have always wanted to do this but could not due to various reasons. I am in a position now where I can manage. I do not want to spend my life wondering "what if". I hate "what if" conditions. If we want something, we must be willing to fight for it and sacrifice for it.

There are no guarantees in life - I could get no job after graduation, or the job I get might suck - if we have to look into the darkness of life, a lot of horrible things can happen. But we do things because we hedge our bets against something good happening, and the probability of something good happening is greater than not. And for that, I am willing to do what it takes, because I will be far happier a little poorer than if I were richer but regretting that this was a path I did not take.

Do I sound philosophical (quite unlike me), but looking at my bank balance now is making me very philosophical indeed. I might even soon grow a beard.


double dot said...

great post!
As someone who is in a similar position, I can relate very well to what you say.

TxnSeeksMBA said...

Indeed, well put.

Anonymous said...

What was your earlier job? Are you a software engineer/techie?

Let us know your profile man

Kiran R said...

What was your earlier job? Are you a software engineer/techie?

necromonger said...


Yes - I am a nerd techie ;)