September 16, 2006

Will I get into any business school?

So what if my GMAT score is above average? I have several limitations I need to deal with,

  1. I am 33 years old, that puts me in the upper age range of B-school demographics and gives me little opportunity to re-apply.
  2. I plan to do a 1 year MBA - I do not want to apply to a 2 years MBA for various reasons. I don't want to do part time of EMBA. If I do it, it's got to be a ivy league full time.
  3. I want to do an MBA from only the top institutes - I don't want to get into "Krigzys Penkovsky college of International Mgmt" or "Shri Shri Chintamani school of mgmt"
When I put all this together, I sometimes think I may not be able to do my mgmt anywhere at all! The applications are competitive, and I don't know if I'm special enough.

Let's see. I've begun my application processes, and boy - it's painful.

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