July 04, 2008

Good bye!

Dear readers,

It's been a long journey from my first post to today. My INSEAD saga is over, and with that, as promised, it is time to say 'so long!'

The year has been a tapestry of experiences, and the rewards have far exceeded disappointments. At the end of it all, I made life long friends, learned many new things, had new avenues opened for me, enjoyed a vast range of social activities with diversity that is almost unparalleled (while this is often a cliche, at INSEAD you really need to be here to even understand what it really means), and ended the year with fond memories that will remain. To me, there are no good-byes, in this age and time I will always have the means to be in touch with those that are in touch with me. In a nutshell, INSEAD was a fantastic experience.

The last few days have been incredibly busy with the class ends, assignments, graduation trip, ceremony and I have had no Internet for most of the time. That, coupled with the sweet exhaustion of completing the course meant my "promise of remaining posts" will unfortunately be broken, and allow others to say what I have not. I have had no time to make my customary cartoons, as the friends at Clearadmit blog mused.

With that, I sign off. To you, I wish you great times, successful preparation and admits, and a great career.

As for me, it is time to welcome a new world, new challenges and new excitement.

Good bye!


Tauqueer Ali said...

I wish you all the best for your future endevors necro. Your blog has been extremely useful for fellow applicants like me and I must tell you that I was inspired to apply at INSEAD by reading your amazing blog. Take care!

Jasleen said...

Ingenuously inspiring, raptly relevant, and creatively concrete...you leave us with a legacy.
Best to you!

RunningRaincoat! said...

CIAO! Loved reading the thorough analysis you have done all throughout your blog. Some might disagree, but to each his own!
GOOD LUCK for all your future endeavours. You have truly inspired...

阿倫 Allen said...


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